BingoSpa L-carnitine Concentrate with Red Tea extract


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L – carnitine – one of the amino – acids naturally occurring in human system. Vital element in cellulite treatment as it transforms fatty acids into energy. Burns carbohydrates and regulates the body lipid balance. Stimulates lymphatic drainage, reduces fat cells and detoxes the system.

L – carnitine is reduced substantially in human body with age and as a result of physical strain which takes effect in problems with retaining the right fat cell balance and satisfaction of keeping fit.

Hence physically active people are recommended to take L- carnitine supplements. Polyphenol rich red tea extract is a strong anti – oxidant which protects the cells against free radicals.


Directions of Use :

Apply the product into places prone to fat formation and massage until absorbed.

Physically active people are recommended to apply the product after each training.


Weight 250g

Weight 250 g


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