BingoSpa Super Strong Cinnamon and Caffeine Concentrate with Chilli


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Very strong acting product for home use of salon “body wrapping” treatments. Contains optimal amounts of chilli, cinnamon, clove and orange peel oils and caffeine, the strongest fat cell fighting substances. Recommended especially during slimming, great in keeping the skin in good condition, superbly reducing the effects of stress, tiredness and bad diet.

Also recommended for people after a substantial weight loss with dry skin with very por elasticity.


Firmness +25%

Hydration +10%

Overall elasticilty +7%

Localised elasticilty +5%


A series of treatments with the tested product visibly evened out skin colour, improved its overall appearance. Skin was better hydrated, clearly smoother and toned. At the end of the tests the skin of all the participated women was in much better condition which resulted in a substantial reduction of “orange peel” visibility. The improvement of thigh skin tone and elasticity made them look slimmer.

Directions of Use

  1. Allergy Test
  • Use the free sample
  • Apply a small amount of the product onto the skin of your forearm and leave overnight. Watch the skin reaction – gentle reddening is normal. If the reddening does not disappear after 24 hours – do not use the product.
  1. Method ofTreatment
  • First treatment – apply a thin layer of the BingoSpa product on the chosen part of the body, rinse after 5 mins.
  • Second treatment – apply a thin layer of the product in places prone to fat storage – thighs, buttocks, stomach, hips; wrap the body in foil. Watching the skin reaction carefully you may extend the duration of treatment up to 15 mins.
  • Do the following treatments in series of 5, each treatment every 4 – 5 days. Gradually extend the duration of the treatments up to 30 – 35 – 45 mins.


It is vital to start the treatment with using very small amounts of the product and then gradually increasing the amounts in each treatment.

Highly strong acting concentrate. Do not use after bath, shower nor sunbathing. It may cause heating and burning sensation. Gentle heating sensation is normal. If the burning sensation becomes intense stop the treatment, rinse the product with cool water and apply a cold compress.


Weight 1000g



Weight 1000 g


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